JK Belz & Associates

Advocacy, Facilitation, Mediation & Partnering

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When you need professional assistance in mediation, facilitation, partnering or to create advocacy contact J.K. Belz & Associates. We are equipped to provide expertise, extensive knowledge, and training to address your needs in a thoughtful and productive way. We pride ourselves in providing the same high level of service, professionalism and personalized attention to all clients, whether large or small - each client's needs are carefully considered. While based in Reno, our client base actually extends beyond Nevada's borders.

“Personalized attention to clients large and small ...
that's how we do business.”

Our Services


Lobbying & Government Relations

  • Legislative Strategy
  • Consensus Building
  • Positions & Testimony Development
  • Regulatory Development
  • Formation of Project Coalitions
  • Ballot Question Promotion or Challenge
  • Grassroots Organization


Building Consensus

  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission Development
  • Organizational Planning
  • Acquisition or Downsizing
  • Teambuilding
  • Community Meetings
  • Public Meetings


Creating Collaboration

  • Partnering System Development
  • Dispute Resolution Procedures
  • Performance Measures
  • Awards and Recognition


Resolving Differences

  • Elder Care Decision Making
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Workplace/Employee Relations
  • Family/Divorce/Custody Resolution
  • Community/Homeowner Association