Developing effective and strategic relationships for long-standing success

Successful businesses, and specifically partnerships, are built upon communication, teamwork and the sharing of skills, as well as risks. Through a professional Partnering process, J.K. Belz and Associates, along with their colleagues at the Global Leadership Alliance, employ a time-tested approach to identify each party's mutual strengths and potential stumbling blocks to the project.

In the course of the process, we help partners on construction sites in Nevada and California to identify an issue resolution ladder to solve problems at a level closest to "the field" as possible. The goal is for the "Us vs. Them" mentality to take a back seat to a shared interest to find creative solutions that result in success for all parties involved.

Services We Offer

  • Orientation and Follow-up Project Session
  • Development of Performance Measures
  • Project Monitoring
  • Identification of Dispute Resolution Strategies
  • Foundation for Awards and Recognition

Partnering Resources

In the News: The Benefits of Partnering


John Seelmeyer, 10/4/2010

Talk is proving to be anything but cheap as the Nevada Department of Transportation and highway contractors begin to reap the benefits of a new approach that creates partnerships and lots of communication to get projects done.

In just one example, the process is leading to completion of a repaving job on Interstate 80 between McCarran and Vista boulevards in Sparks about four weeks ahead of schedule.

Early completion brings big savings both to NDOT - it estimates savings of $140,000 ... || read the rest