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JK Belz and Associates provides a variety of mediation services including: elder care mediation, business mediation and workplace mediation. If you're looking for a mediator in Reno, Carson City or Lake Tahoe please, give us a call: 775-329-0119.

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Elder Care Mediation

Economic circumstances, geographic distance and complex family structures can make working together to solve an issue for an elderly parent seem all but impossible. Life-long family dynamics can add to the challenge. It's difficult times like this when Elder Care Mediation professionals can help create a comfortable environment where all can voice their feelings and concerns.

Why Use Elder Care Mediation?

  • Living Arrangement Planning
  • Safety Issue Discussions
  • Care Giving Arrangements
  • Crisis Communication
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Estate Planning
"We went from not knowing what to do to agreeing on virtually everything or compromising happily."
Comment from an elder care mediation participant, Wall Street Journal,
"A Referee for Family Disputes."

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In the News: Elder Care Mediation

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Business Mediation

All too often, litigation over business relationships lead to wasted time and resources. Today, J.K. Belz & Associates bring their years of facilitation and business communication skills to the table to create an environment in which to achieve success.

Why Use Business Mediation?

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Partnership Development/Dissolution
  • Shareholder Conflict
  • Corporate Mergers
  • Disputes with Vendors or Clients
  • Breach of Contracts

Workplace Mediation

The last thing any conflict needs is another person taking sides. At J.K. Belz & Associates, our team provides a neutral resource among all of the stakeholders who have a desire to discuss or resolve a common issue. Our role is to assist all those involved to resolve their matter of concern through a collaborative, confidential forum where the dispute and the solution belong to the parties.

Why Use Workplace Mediation?

  • Unclear Roles and Responsibilities
  • Miscommunication
  • Cultural Differences
  • Management Style Imbalance
  • Personality Challenges

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